Membership Levels

Ready to Start a Business for Cheap? Join our Change Your Mindset Mastermind and receive exclusive access to start up training videos, Q&A sessions, private Facebook group and priceless business strategies for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Silver Level Membership Includes:

  • Strategy Mondays-  Productivity Calendar Schedule
  • Question and answer videos- I compile all your questions and give answers in a video
  • Business and Life Strategy Tutorials- Business and Life video tutorials weekly
  • Strategy Videos-  8 strategy Videos per month focusing on particular business topic
  • Monthly Live Call –  A live call that goes over topic for the month
  • Audios- Podcast Monthly

Bronze Level Membership Includes:

  • All Silver Member Perks
  • Book Club-  Every two weeks go over half of book

Gold Level Membership Includes:

  • All Bronze Member Perks
  • One strategy call – Monthly, lets talk about your problems

Platinum Level Membership Includes:

  • All Gold Member Perks
  • Two strategy calls – Monthly, lets talk about your problems
Level Price  
SBC Gold $47.00 per Month. Select
SBC Platinum $97.00 per Month. Select