Mayou Angelou’s Work Routine

image-10As I was trying to find out what my first blog would be. This picture almost brings tears to my eyes because it represents my business model today. Not because I’m some type of black power type guy and she is a black woman. But becuase she is writing in her quite place and getting lost in her work. This was her place that made her the poet she is remembered as today.

This is a picture of Maya Angelou in a hotel room she kept in her hometown.  This was a place where should could have peace and write.  The hotel staff knew not to disturb her and would slide notes under the door and ask to change the sheets .Because they felt the sheets may be moldy because they haven’t been changed in a while.

She had no pictures on the walls, a bottle of Sherry, a bible, a deck of cards, a Roget’s Thesaurus and a hair tie. She wore the hair tie because one of her husband’s was jealous of her writing. When she would write, she would twist her hair and  he would walk into the room and say “You’ve been writing!” As if it was a bad thing! So she wear the head wrap so he couldn’t see her hair twisted up. When I learned that I was amazed at her determination to keep working in her passion.

In this hotel room she woud arrive around 6:30 a.m. and stay there until around 2:00 p.m., where she would go home and edit her work. You see this shows me the power of a schedule. This was a place and a time where she could be her 100% herself and have no one else was around. I have found that  same peace in my own life. I have a place in my home where no one bothers me. There is no sound and I can go to a place in my  mind and not be disturbed.

I challenge you to find this place and get lost in your thoughts. This is where you can be your most creative self. I found my place and  I dance in this place, learn language, come up with business ideas, listen to jazz, do pushups, imagine, and anything I want. This is my place where I can become a kid again and imagine. Because this is what life is all about. Creating your own interpretation of what life is.


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