Mayou Angelou’s Work Routine

Author Maya Angelou prefers to work sprawled across her bed and writing in longhand on a  yellow legal pad. Her indispensable working tool, in addition to a thesaurus and dictionary, is The Holy Bible. (Moneta Sleet, Jr./EBONY Collection)

As I was trying to find out what my first blog would be. This picture almost brings tears to my eyes because it represents my business model today. Not because I’m some type of black power type guy and she is a black woman. But becuase she is writing in her quite place and getting […]

How To Buy From China Successfully


  This course will take you on the journey to buying from China,from beginning to end. China leads the world in making goods and having a competitive price. But in order to participate in this experience one has to know exactly how to buy goods the correct way. Once done with this course you’ll be […]